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Student Employment Program

Student Employment Philosophy

The Student Union believes in providing the opportunities necessary to allow for growth of the student, both holistically and through the attainment of knowledge, skills, and abilities for their career, while also partnering with students to provide essential functions to the campus community.

Program Goals

The Student Union strives to offer one of the best employment opportunities on campus. Student employees and staff partner to create community.

The Student Union will provide:

  • the opportunity to gain practical experience
  • the opportunity to develop transferable skill sets
  • the opportunity to complement the academic experience with real world implementation
  • the opportunity to offset educational expenses
  • a sense of belonging within the Student Union community (and campus)
  • a support network through personal connections
  • an opportunity to partner with other student staff and professional staff of the Student Union to achieve the departmental mission.

Learning Goals
The Student Union believes in preparing student employees for their life after graduation, and specifically their careers. As such, learning goals for our students have been developed.

Career Development Engages in opportunities to attain skills to further career opportunities
Identifies and communicates transferrable skills
Self Development Articulates their values
Maintains a healthy balance between academics, work, extracurriculars and self-care
Communication Able to transmit information verbally and nonverbally both clearly and effectively
Transmits information to audience in appropriate method and formality
Professionalism Model the way by demonstrating work habits
Build a personal brand in alignment with organization and personal values
Critical Thinking Resolves problem by exploring opportunities and gathering information
Challenges the process by experimenting and taking risks
Leadership Encourages the heart of others by recognizing their strengths, contributions, and celebrating their accomplishments
Inspires and motivates self and others under a shared vision by making a positive impact on the team and building relationships
Teamwork Enables others to act by fostering collaborative relationships
Collaborates with others to achieve a common goal
Inclusion and Civility Behavior reflects civility and respectfulness.
Able to interact with people of different demographics
Technology Identifies appropriate technology for completion of specific tasks
Utilizes technology to improve efficiency and productivity of work


Student Employee Awards

At the completion of every semester, the Student Union celebrates our student employees through a celebration recognizing our graduating seniors and award recipients. For award information and recipients, please visit our Student Employee Awards page.

The student union employs over 100 students each year to assist with event ticketing and preparation, technology setup, and administrative roles in UCopy and the information desk, student building managers, and more. Students may also apply for positions at the Student Union through a Federal Work Study award.

Position Descriptions

Administrative Office Job Description

Auditorium Job Description

Central Ticket Office Job Description

Information Desk Job Description

Loading Dock Job Description

Set-up Team Job Description

Student Manager Job Description

Tech Team Job Description

UCopy Student Assistant Description

Union Station Job Description


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