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Student Employee Awards

2019 Award Winners


Student Staff Nominated Awards

The recipient of this award exhibits a desire and drive for something bigger than one’s self through relationships, positive role modeling and a strong work ethic. Modeling the core values of the Student Union and ACUI through the purpose driven actions of empathy, curiosity, and the Volunteer Spirit. Nominated by peers and selected by program alumnae; this award encompasses the role of the Student Union in building community on campus. Campaigning is not allowed for this award.

Previous Award Winners:

2020 Andrea Faggioli 2021 Nisha Waghmare 2022 Brooklyn Barnes
2023 Francesca Size 2024

This student nominated award recognizes student staff who demonstrate commitment to creating a positive and unified environment within the student employment community. Nominees for this award should exemplify qualities such as building others up, encouraging teamwork, and promoting a sense of belonging among their peers. This could include:
-mentoring new employees
-working collaboratively
-maintaining a supportive attitude
-proactively works to include others
-positively influences others

2023 Will Gavigan 2024

Student Employee Nominated Award form



Staff Nominated Awards

Unsung Hero
In recognition to the Student Employee that has gone above and beyond in customer service, leadership and dedication in meeting the needs of students, faculty, and staff of the University of Tennessee and the Knoxville community while often working behind the scenes.


Previous Award Winners:

2004 Jeremy Davis 2005 Megan Munn 2006 Nikolas Blakenship
2007 Leah Hamilton 2007 Tyler Griffin 2008 Katie Isbell
2009 Lilly Gatune 2009 Sarah Shinke 2010 Fei Du
2011 Elias Askins 2011 Mason Vickery 2012 Naseem Hasannejad
2013 Christina Norwood 2014 Charlie Niehaus 2014 Katherine Roberts
2015 2016 Mika Carr 2017 Jacob Coon
2018 Samantha Howe 2019 Cody Zites 2020 Elsie Crisp
2021 Donovan Coates 2021 Mikala Leath 2022 Karoline Hobock
2023 Chris Schecter 2024

Kristen Elizabeth Fisher Outstanding Student Employee Award

Presented to the Student Employee for Outstanding Customer Service, Leadership and Dedication in serving the needs of Students, Faculty, and Staff of the University of Tennessee and the Knoxville Community.

Kristen was an inspiration to every person she touched, whether it was a smile, conversation, or a simple: “May I help you?” Even while fighting an ongoing battle with cystic fibrosis, she continued to attend class, served in several student organizations, and work as a student employee at the University Center. Kristen never complained or requested special treatment due to her condition, and served as a role model for others. Students, faculty and staff members who had the opportunity to work with Kristen in the University Center will always remember a brave young woman who put life in to perspective: “Live life for today, and live it to the fullest.”


Previous Award Winners:

2004 Bonnie Buffaloe 2005 Grayson Bryant 2005 Tamika Fugh
2006 Crystal Featherstone 2007 Kristen Fischer 2008 Kate Sullivan
2009 Courtney Coplin 2009 Jarred Cox 2010 Carly Bushong
2010 Harold Goldston 2011 Ryan Wade 2012 Zach Pendergrass
2012 Ashley Roddy 2013 Stephen Bell 2014 Hannah Herrin
2015 2016 Marista Lipskey 2017 Sydney Steele
2018 Michayla Robles 2019 Samantha Howe 2020 Chandler Lampe
2021 Jonathan Freshour 2022 Annabelle Jackson 2023 Brooklyn Barnes

The recipient of this award exemplifies excellent customer service by treating customers with dignity, respect, and courtesy. Actively listening to needs and responding to customers with accurate and complete information in a timely manner. Utilizing  available resources to create a solution focused customer experience.

2019 Bailey Heuser 2019 Taylor Gipson
2020 Michael Almond 2020 Mikala Leath
2021 Lien Alexander 2022 Bri Swindell
2023 Bri Swindell 2024

This award is intended to recognize an emerging leader with 1 year or less experience within the Student Union. Ongoing and exceptional growth distinguishes the individual as a rising star in our department.

2019 Corey Stewart 2020 Rachel Griffin
2021 Zahria Buchanan 2021 Francesca Size
2022 Drieka Maxwell Davis 2023 Melody Scott
2024 2024

ACUI’s premier student program, designed to emphasize the key concept areas of leadership, community development, and change and offers a comprehensive curriculum experienced by all participants through a living-learning experience. The Student Union is excited to offer one of our student employees the opportunity to attend this program.

2019 Michael Almond 2020 Mikala Leath
2022 Brooklyn Barnes

Full time Staff: Student Employee Nomination Form