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Refund Policy


The Student Union charges for various services including, but not limited to, audio-visual equipment rental, facility rental, technical assistance, and graphic design and related printed/copying. On occasion, refunds of payments for these services are justified, pertaining to non-use, equipment failure, or related reason.

A request for a refund must be submitted within two (2) business days of payment. The refund request must be submitted, in writing, explaining justification for the refund and must be submitted to the Director of the Student Union, 2209 Dunford Hall. The Director, or their designee, will review the refund request and make a determination whether justification exists to grant the refund.  The Director, or their designee, will notify the person requesting the refund of the decision, either in writing or verbally, within two (2) business days.

If payment was made by cash, check, credit card, or All-Star and the payment has not yet been deposited, the refund will be returned to the person requesting the refund in the form it was paid. If the payment has been deposited, the Student Union will submit a University of Tennessee Refund Request Form in the name of the person requesting the refund to the Bursar’s Office.

Each refund will be supported by documentation that includes:

  • Name of the person, institution or company receiving the refund (original payer)
  • Mailing address
  • Reason for the refund
  • University receipt number or deposit information of when the money was originally     received
  • Dollar amount of refund
  • Cost center, fund, WBSE, general ledger account where the refund is to be charged (usually the same cost center, fund, WBSE, general ledger account of the original receipt)
  • Student Union director’s approval

The Student Union office supervisor, or their designee, is responsible for compiling and verifying refund documentation.

If payment was made by Interdepartmental Transfer, the Student Union will initiate a reversal transfer to the department requesting the refund within two (2) business days.

The refund documentation will be used to reconcile the monthly departmental ledgers.

The Refund Form and supporting documentation will be maintained in the Student Union departmental files for six (6) years.

The Director of the Student Union, or their designee, will be responsible for ensuring that no duplicate refunds are issued.

Revised: November 9, 2015