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Policy on Advertising, Posting & Chalking at the Student Union


Digital display advertising on multiple displays is available throughout the building.


Posting of any item on painted surfaces, doors, or windows that are a part of the Student Union is prohibited. Items posted in violation of this policy will be removed, and the individual posting them will be assessed any costs of removal or repair of damage.


The following has been copied directly from Hilltopics and reflects the University’s policy on chalking on our campus. These policies apply to the Student Union.

The University recognizes the need to provide students an avenue to advertise events and information for their various activities. The purpose of this policy on chalking is to balance the overall aesthetic appearance of campus with the need for student information sharing.

Students and student organizations may engage in chalking only on:

  1. Horizontal concrete or asphalt surfaces;
  2. Surfaces that are in open areas that reasonably can be expected to be naturally cleaned by rain (e.g., not including under overhands or other areas that could block the surface from being exposed to rain);
  3. Surfaces on which chalking reasonably can be expected to done without jeopardizing the health or safety of the persons doing the chalking.

Notwithstanding the previous statement, areas in which chalking is not permitted include, without limitation:

  • Vehicular streets;
  • Horizontal surfaces covered by brick or stone;
  • Patios;
  • Pat Summitt Plaza;
  • Torchbearer Plaza;
  • Covered sidewalks; and
  • Any vertical surface (e.g., doors, buildings, walls, windows, sculptures, fountains, benches, picnic tables, signs, poles, newspaper boxes, columns, ash urns, bus stops, University-owned signage, emergency phones, railings, utility boxes, mailboxes, waste receptacles, planters, light poles, lampposts, trees)

Only water-soluble dry stick sidewalk chalk may be used (e.g., aerosol spray chalk, markers, paints (latex or oil-based), or similar products are prohibited). Chalking in areas not permitted is subject to immediate removal. Students and student organizations who violate this policy may be charged the cost of cleanup, referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, and/or the violation may be reported to the police.


This policy does not apply to “The Rock.” Students and student organizations may use any kind of chalk or paint on The Rock.